Soft Mouth Guards

Soft Mouth Guards for Light Teeth Grinding

soft mouth guardsThese soft mouth guards are not made from cheap latex but are made from a material called Ethel Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which is FDA approved.  Unlike the cheap “Boil-and-Bite” mouth guards you can get from drug stores, these custom made guards are durable and comfortable as they are made to fit your teeth.  If you just have light to moderate teeth grinding problems than the soft guards may be your best option.  It will help to protect your teeth while you sleep and will not allow your teeth to move around and cause cracks and wear away your tooth enamel.  You can wear these mouth guards on your upper or bottom row of teeth and they are comfortable enough to sleep in.
You can save over 70% from going to the dentist by ordering a custom made teeth grinding mouth guard directly from these labs which are proud members of the National Association of Dental Laboratories.  A dentist will charge you up to $500 to $700 for a custom guard like the ones you can get in the link below.  In fact, you can get a soft mouth guard for light teeth grinding for as little as $50.  Having a bruxism guard is your first line of defense against teeth grinding so get started with your order today and get your kit.

Get Your Custom Fitted Night Guard Here and Save $15

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