Massage and Exercise Techniques for Teeth Grinding

Here are a few exercises you can try for getting rid of bruxism and stopping that aweful pain that results from teeth grinding.

This video helps break down some common methods of massaging your facial muscles and jaw muscles to help relax the muscles that trigger teeth grinding.  Below the video we have listed some other exercises you can try as well.


Finding Your TMJ

Finding your TMJ join is really simple.  By placing your finger barely inside your ear and pushing it forward a little as you open and close your mouth you will feel the pivot point of your TMJ.  You can keep pressure in both ears as you slowly open and close your mouth to massage that joint to help cope with your bruxism.

Using a Tennis Ball to Massage Your Face

You can also try lying on your side and putting a tennis ball under your face.  Slowly move your face around the ball making sure it massages against your sore jaw muscles.  Do this for 5-10 minutes on each side and it will help to relax those sore muscles.

Applying Pressure on the Sides of Your Face

The muscles along the jaw are usually the most sore to a teeth grinder, so trying to sooth those tired and sore muscles can make a big difference.  This should be done both in the morning and at night.  Doing it at night will help to prevent the teeth from grinding in the first place, but it’s not going to prevent your bruxism.  It just lessens it in most cases.

Find those sore muscles along your jaw line and apply pressure on both sides as you slide your fingers down your face slowly.  You can also try putting a knuckle at different points on your jaw muscles and just apply pressure for a few seconds at a time before you move to another spot.

Massaging Your Gumline to Help with Bruxism

As you can see in the video, you might have to get your hands a little dirty to massage your gumline but it can really help with bruxism.  Just make sure your hands are clean and that your nails are not too long so you don’t cut yourself on accident.  You can slowly massage your gumline with your fingers, but you can also do this with a toothbrush, which most dentists recommend.  You just don’t want to brush them roughly.  Some toothbrushes like the Sonicare will have a massage function built in.

What We Recommend to Stop Teeth Grinding

A program called TMJ No More offers over 24 exercises you can do to stop teeth grinding permanently, along with a list of the essential foods you should eat and NOT eat in order to stop suffering with bruxism.

At you will find a scientific and holistic approach to getting rid of bruxism and thousands of people have already benefited from this life-changing approach to teeth grinding.

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