Learn How to Stop Teeth Grinding and Cure Bruxism

Want to know how to stop teeth grinding?  You aren’t alone.  It has been estimated that 3 in 10 people will grind their teeth at some point in their lives.

We have found a holistic approach to curing teeth clenching that works permanently in as little as a couple weeks or less for a lot of people.   Even though we do recommend mouth guards for teeth grinding, the simple truth is that it does not work for everyone and does not CURE the problem.

If you grind your teeth at night you have probably suffered with morning headaches, a sore jaw and neck, lock jaw, face pain, and even broken and chipped teeth.  Teeth grinding or bruxism is not just a nuisance, though.  It can lead to very expensive dental procedures because of fractures that form in the teeth as the constant pressure is put on them as you sleep at night.

In fact, if you don’t put a stop to teeth grinding at night you WILL end up cracking your teeth and wearing them away, which will mean having to get expensive crowns put on your teeth.

So how do you stop grinding your teeth at night?  Well, first it helps to know what is causing your grinding in the first place.  Here are some things that can lead to the constant grinding while you sleep:

  • A misaligned bite
  • Stress or anxiety
  • An unconscious response to pain
  • An aggressive or competitive personality
  • Anger or frustration

Visit the Mayoclinic website for more causes of teeth grinding here.

I highly recommend getting a mouth guard for teeth grinding, but there are some claims that you can cure bruxism and not have need of a nightguard eventually.

Here are some tips to help relieve your teeth grinding:

  • Apply a warm cloth to your jaw before you sleep and gently massage your jaw muscles
  • Make a habit out of keeping your teeth apart with your mouth closed.  Just relax those jaw muscles and only bring your teeth together when chewing.
  • Get regular exercise for your whole body.  Exercise is a big stress reliever and helps to relax your body when you are sleeping, including your jaw and face muscles.  You will sleep better too.
  • Continually remind yourself to relax your jaw muscles, especially when under stress.
  • Eat foods that do not require hard chewing to give those muscles a break.  You can even try eating soup for a while


The single best resource for stopping your grinding permanently has been written by a nutrition specialist and therapist named Sandra Carter.  Sandra suffered with teeth grinding and came up with a simple, holistic solution that has kept her “teeth-grinding-free” for over 14 years now.

The program is called “TMJ No More” and it is the Bible of teeth grinding solutions.  It offers step by step plans, exercises, diets, and simple holistic solutions for saving yourself from teeth clenching.  The program costs $47, which will MORE than pay for itself when you don’t have to buy mouth guards anymore.

Click here to check out Sandra’s program for curing teeth grinding

If you feel like you have tried it all to stop your teeth grinding and nothing has worked, you should check out Sandra’s methods for stopping bruxism with holistic methods and without medicine or expensive surgery.

Check out the best program for stopping teeth grinding here

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