How to Prevent Teeth Grinding

The teeth grinding is called bruxism, and this condition is essentially a habit.  The best way to break this habit is to interrupt the cycle of teeth grinding.  There are a lot of different ways of interrupting this pattern, and it’s best to bear in mind when learning how to prevent teeth grinding that it may be necessary to use more than one method.  This is because bruxism is actually quite a complex condition, and it’s necessary to consider the different aspects which can be involved such as health, stress levels, and physical situation that can all contribute towards bruxism.

Buy a mouth guard

The easiest way to prevent teeth grinding is to use a mouth guard, and even if this doesn’t stop teeth grinding it does at least protect the teeth from further damage.  Ready-made mouth guards can be purchased online, in drugs stores or they can be custom-made by your dentist.  The ready-made mouth guards are relatively cheap, but it may take a while to find a suitable make that is comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to fit over the teeth.  The custom made mouth guards can cost hundreds of dollars but to do a very good job of protecting the teeth and may be a lot more comfortable to wear.  Ultimately it is down to personal preference and depth of wallets.

Reduce your stress levels

It’s especially important to look at it from a psychological point of view as many cases of teeth grinding are due to stress.  In this situation, while it will obviously help to wear a mouth guard it can be helpful to consider other forms of treatment aimed at reducing stress levels which can be used in conjunction with the mouth guard.  Methods of reducing stress levels include:


Some people who suffer from teeth grinding find that starting a new exercise program can be enough to break the habit as exercising produces endorphins which are neurotransmitters that promote a feeling of well-being.  Regular exercise often leads to a better quality of sleep which can be very advantageous to teeth grinders, and of course the additional benefit is feeling fitter and healthier.


Clinical hypnosis is very different from the type seen on stage, and you are always in control of the situation; you cannot be forced to do something you do not want to.  It is more about learning to think in a different way and repeating this different pattern until it becomes a new habit.  It is important to choose a good hypnotist and although this might seem quite expensive this method can give good results in preventing teeth grinding.

Change your sleep environment

Take a look at your sleeping environment to see if there are some easy changes that might break the bruxism habit.  It could be something as simple as a new pillow, or if you sleep on your side, learning to sleep on your back which makes it much more difficult to grind your teeth.  Consider replacing your mattress or using a mattress topper to make it more comfortable.  Some teeth grinders find it helpful to go to sleep listening to a recording of soothing sounds, especially if their sleeping environment is noisy.

These are just a few of the ways that may help you break the habit, but there are many different things you can try.  It’s just a question of finding the best way of how to prevent teeth grinding.

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