Hard Acrylic Mouth Guards

Hard Acrylic Mouth Guards for Heavy Teeth Grinding

hard acrylic mouth guardIf your teeth grinding is moderate to heavy then you will want a hard acrylic mouth guard.  These guards are hard on the inside and the outside to protect your teeth from wearing down and causing cracks and wear marks.   The material is very durable and should be able to withstand the constant grinding that you will go through during the night.  Since a mouth guard is the first line of defense against teeth grinding you will want to make sure you get the very best in quality without breaking the bank.

With these custom made hard acrylic mouth guards for bruxism you can save hundreds that the dentist would charge you.  Why not bypass the dentist who will charge you up to $700 for a custom made mouth guard and get one directly from the lab who will send you a kit for making an impression of your teeth.  You can get a custom made mouth guard for heavy grinding for around $120, which is the cheapest online.

Get Your Custom Fitted Night Guard Here and Save $15

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