Dual Laminate Mouth Guards

Dual Laminate Mouth Guards for Moderate Teeth Grinding

dual laminate mouth guardThe dual laminate mouth guards are more durable than soft mouth guards and are made for those who have anywhere from light to moderate bruxism.  The guards are made from a harder tensile strength material on the outside and a softer material on the inside that is more suitable for comfort and durability.  These mouth guards are much more durable than the cheap one size fits all guards you will find at the drug stores or the “boil-and-bite” guards you can get.  Dentists highly recommend getting dual laminate guards for moderate teeth grinding to help stop headaches, cracks in your teeth, wear marks, and the gradual wearing away of tooth enamel.

You can spend over $700 if you go to the dentist and ask for a custom made teeth grinding mouth guard.  But now you can bypass the dentist and order a mouth guard straight from the lab.  These labs are a part of the National Association of Dental Laboratories or the NADL.  A custom made night guard from these labs will only cost you around $100 so you will save hundreds of dollars from going to the dentist.

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