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Teeth grinding can cause flattened and cracked teeth as well as headaches and jaw pain.

If you grind your teeth at night, you NEED a mouth guard.  There is no way around that fact. If you don’t stop grinding your teeth it will lead to …

  • fractures in your teeth
  • painful migraine headaches
  •  jaw soreness
  •  and a lack of quality sleep

But the dentist will charge around $700 for a custom made night guard.  You do NOT have to pay this much.  You can order your own dental mouth guard from the same labs for a fraction of the price.

 There are several dental labs around the country that allow you to get a custom set of night guards from the comfort of your own home. After you order, the lab will send you a kit for making an impression of your teeth and then you simply send the kit back and the lab will begin making your custom guard.

Just determine which kind of grinder you are to determine what kind of occlusal guard you will need.

Custom Made Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Heavy Teeth Grindinghard acrylic mouth guardCLICK HERE Moderate Teeth Grindingdual laminate mouth guardCLICK HERE Soft Teeth Grindingsoft mouth guardsCLICK HERE

Why You Need a Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

If you grind your teeth at night, the first thing you should do is get a teeth grinding mouth guard.  If you allow your teeth to continue to grind it will cause cracks and fractures and will end up costing you big at the dentist office.  This constant pressure on your teeth can do major damage and lead to more serious dental health problems, but fortunately getting a mouth guard for bruxism is easier than ever.

We have found a lab that will make custom fit nightguards for a fraction of the cost that your dentist will charge and they do a really great job with a 97% success rate from their clients.  These custom made mouth guards have the same quality you can get from your dentist but prices start at only $54.99 and they come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Check out some of these teeth grinding mouth guards here.

If you have been diagnosed as being a tooth grinder or bruxist, you will probably be anxious to protect your teeth from any further damage.  The best way to do this is by purchasing a teeth guard specifically designed for this purpose.  Teeth guards can also be called mouth guards, night guards or bite guards. If you’re wondering where to get teeth guards for teeth grinding then there are several different options.

Custom made night guards at your dental office

The first is to visit your dentist and ask them to construct a custom-made teeth guard for you. This will be designed to meet your specific needs and will take into account any other dental issues you may have such as fixed dental appliances or braces.  Custom-made teeth guards don’t take long to construct and if cared for properly should last quite a while.  Every time you go for a dental checkup your dentist will want you to bring along your teeth guard so they can check it’s still fitting correctly and is fit for the purpose for which it was designed.

The problem is that most dentist offices will charge upwards of $700 for a custom fit mouth guard for teeth grinding, and if you don’t have insurance this option can be out of the question.  This is why we recommend a custom fit mouth guard from NightGuardLabs.com, where you can get a quality teeth grinding mouth guard (just like the one from the dentist) for as little as $54.99.

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a full mouthguard to protect your teeth from grinding then your dentist may also offer you the option of having another appliance made which is called an NTI-tss (tension suppression system).  This is very small and just fits over your front teeth.  It works by preventing the back teeth from contacting and places the jaw into such a position that the muscles are forced to relax.  It’s constructed chair side and doesn’t take very long to make.  If you have dental insurance it might be worth contacting the insurance firm to ask if you are covered for the cost of a custom-made guard or a NTI-tss appliance.

Buying a ready-made teeth guard from the drugstore or online

The one-size-fits-all nightguards that you can get over the counter at the local drugstores are good for immediate use.  You should not use them as a long term solution but get a custom dental guard instead, but if you are in a pinch, these nightguards are better than nothing for stopping the effects of teeth grinding.   Check out some killer deals on these OTC nightguards below.

SleepRight Dental Guard

sleepright dental guard$27.99

Doctor’s Nightguard

Doctor's advance comfort nightguard$17.45

Dentek Dental Guard

dentek dental guard$21.99


If you would prefer not to go to the dentist to buy your teeth guard then there are plenty ready-made, one size fits all teeth guards available in the drugstores.  It’s worth spending a bit of time choosing a good quality teeth guard.  Some will fit right over the teeth while others have bite pads that fit over the back teeth.  Try to buy one that is made from a resilient material that won’t easily tear.  It should have a reasonable degree of flexibility to ensure it is comfortable to wear.  Some can be adapted to the shape of your teeth and mouth just through the heat in your mouth, while others may require soaking in hot water.  Once they are pliable and not too hot they can be placed in the mouth and carefully adapted around the teeth.

It’s a matter of personal choice and of course down to personal finances as to where you choose to get mouth guards for teeth grinding.  The custom-made teeth guards offer good protection, but it is better to buy one online or at your local drugstore then to go without completely.

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